In 1997 Moons Descend was formed under the name When Moons Descend, originally intended as a solo black metal project for Chris Begg. A few poorly recorded demos were recorded, but not much came of them.

In 2001 When Moons Descend would finally take to the stage as a full band. It consisted of Chris Begg (founder, Imo Draco, Eleria) on Bass and Vocals, Damian Ferrari (Dehuman, Infinitum, Blight Worms) on Guitar and backing vocals, George Vasilev (Dying Embers) on Guitars, and Dallas Bland (Dying Embers, Dehuman) on drums.  As a four-piece, they played several gigs, including a support gig with Blood Duster, before breaking up shortly after due to other commitments.

The band was briefly brought back to life in 2004 playing less extreme metal, but it would die shortly after, with no releases or gigs.

Fast forward to 2020, Chris decided to resurrect the project.  While the debut album was originally intended for release on the 15th of February, 2001 (which would have been 20 years since the band took the stage), world events got in the way.  The debut album from Moons Descend was eventually released on Bandcamp on the 20th of March 2022, and the 30th of March for all streaming services.